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Los Verdes is a truly inspiring spot for a wedding ceremony. A private circular driveway leads to a pair of wrought-iron gates that open onto the Catalina Terrace, which is flanked by towering pines on one side and glass doors to the Vista Ballroom on the other. Overlooking the golf greens, the Terrace will seduce your guests with a sweeping view of rolling fairways dotted with blossoms and evergreens, and the azure Pacific beyond. Los Verdes Golf Club boasts an ocean view from every hole, and couples can wed right on the scenic tenth or eleventh tee. At any of the ceremony sites, wedding guests are treated to a captivating scene, stretching from Malibu to Catalina Island, of tranquil ocean, soaring seabirds, and graceful sailboats.

Amidst all this beauty everyone will want to stay outdoors a little bit longer, so hors d’oeuvres can be set up under the shade of the Terrace’s awning. When it’s time for the reception, guests flow into the Vista Ballroom, with seating for well over 300 guests, where two walls of floor-to-ceiling windows keep the gorgeous views at hand.

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