Los Verdes Golf Course Scorecard

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Hole #1

The course starts off with a 489-yard par 5 with a dogleg left. Bunkers guard the corners, leaving you two options: either layup or cut the corner and clear the sand.


Hole #2

Hole 2 is a 370-yard straight downhill par 4 with the Pacific Ocean to your left. Aim at the palm trees when approaching the green to avoid the sand on the right.


Hole #3

Hole 3 is a par 3 with sand guarding the green on the left and right. There’s more room, however, surrounding the green, which makes this hole safer than most.


Hole #4

Hole 4’s hilly fairways will leave your second shot blind to the green on this par 4. Long hitters will be rewarded with a downhill, unrestricted shot.


Hole #5

Hole 5 is a 189-yard par 3 fit to test your accuracy. The elevated tee box allows you to design your shot.


Hole #6

Hole 6 is a par 5 with a slight dogleg left - a good scoring hole after the par 3. Cutting the corner is risky, as there’s sand on the left, but with ample room to the right your next shots will be straight ahead.


Hole #7

Hole 7 unfurls as a straight-ahead par 4 sure to have you powering up your stroke. A wide, flat fairway lets you swing with ease – an ideal spot for second shot success.


Hole #8

Hole 8 sports a tree-lined green. This par 4 will provide you with some shade while you sink that putt.


Hole #9

Hole 9 is the final par 4 before the turn. Play your tee shot to the left as the fairway is slanted and your ball will roll right. Once on the green, you’ll be delighted by the forgiveness of the flat green, which makes putting a breeze.


Hole #10

The million dollar views from Hole 10 make it a popular location for weddings. An accurate tee shot will help you avoid the tree line to the right, but beware of the sand guarding the green.


Hole #11

Hole 11 has one of the most dramatic views of the ocean. Players will be rewarded with the opportunity to drive the green on this downhill 377-yard par 4.


Hole #12

Hole 12 is the shortest par 3 on the course at 153 yards. It will test your accuracy off the tee. An offshore wind will help guide your ball to the green, but don’t leave the ball short as the fairway slopes away from the green... leaving your ball at its mercy.


Hole #13

Hole 13 is a blind tee shot onto a sloping fairway. This par 4 is a challenge to all golfers. The elevated green requires a high-lofted second shot, but once you’re on the green, enjoy the view!


Hole #14

Hole 14 is one of the widest and most forgiving fairways on the course. This 417-yard par 4 will have you enjoying its flat lies and large putting surface. Fairway bunkers to the right may pose a challenge to some if trying to reach the green in two.


Hole #15

Hole 15, the Los Verdes signature hole, will leave you breathless. With Catalina Island to your left, a green that looks like it’s floating in the Pacific inspires players to visit this hole over and over again.


Hole #16

Hole 16 is a 488-yard par 5 on the very edge of the cliff with unobstructed views of the ocean. A cross wind will push your ball to the right, helping avoid any danger of the left side of the sloping fairway.


Hole #17

Hole 17 is the longest par 3 on the course at 225 yards. It will surely test your longer clubs.


Hole #18

Our finishing hole has undulating fairways and a flat green highlighted by palm trees and the ocean in the background. A beautiful cap to a great round.

Back48937018044118955638035241033673773051534204174454882254203250661772.2 / 12679 / 136
Middle46534916742714951736734040031813702921383673814364502074123053623470.4 / 12276.9 / 132
Forward44434010831513646835933139228933322851223563604204391903752879577268.1 / 11770.4 / 125
Orange39226980276983552782623192329261219812282492853381082752044437361.9 / 10365.8 / 116
Handicap11915131371113 1416182648108    
Par M/W543435444364434445343571  
Handicap5917131571113 10161826148124    

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